Interior Wall Art Mockups

Take advantage of our complementary wall art mockups to visualize artworks on your walls, to scale, and ensure the art will fluorish in your space.

Reserve the Art

On the artwork selection page, there are options to Reserve an artwork or to Add to Cart.

Reserve will put the artwork on hold for 7 days with no obligation, so you can discuss with your roomate(s), make an inquiry, or take advantage of wall art mockups and complementary art consultations.

painting interior mockup

Wall Art Mockup | Artist: Eleanor Boyden

Send Us Your Walls

Upon reserving, you will be prompted to submit an image of the wall you’d like to see your selected artwork on. This image should be straight on if possible, and should include as much of the room as possible.

Along with the image, we also request an applicable wall dimension, so we can ensure the mockup is done to scale.

Scale is frequently overlooked. While many people can envision how the artwork style will work in their space, scale is much harder to visualize.

artwork interior mockup

Wall Art Mockup | Artist: Elena Myasnikova

Purchase With Confidence

The advantages of wall art mockups:

1. You can quickly test more than one artworks, styles, and combinations in your space.

2. You reduce the likelihood of a return. We refund the cost of returned artworks, but not the cost of return shipping (unless it is a local purchase, in which case shipping is free), so this saves money and reduces waste.

3. Mockups are done virtually. You can review them from the comfort of home, and our turnaround time is usually 24 hours.

Your art will outlast your space and any current design trends. As such, we encourage clients to purchase artwork they love, independent of how it matches the couch colour, decor, etc. HOWEVER, it doesn’t hurt to know that your space will enhance your new artwork (and vice versa)!

painting interior mockup

Wall Art Mockup | Artist: Deborah Burke

Mockup vs.

Mockup vs. Install


“As a designer, I used ArtMatch to source an original piece for a client and was happy with the process and the end result. The website was clear and easy to use, along with holding the piece, and ordering it. I will definitely use Vandy again.”

– Melinda R.