Toronto Artists

Having expanded to Toronto in 2022, we are actively developing a collection which includes a little bit of everything from a diverse group of Toronto area artists.

Artist Representation: Toronto Area

Below is the group of artists we currently represent from the city of Toronto or surrounding areas including the GTA, London, and Muskoka regions.

Many of our artists have been selling their original artworks with us for 3+ years. This is a testament to our commitment to artist’s careers, our passion for exposing and representing their works, and our fair treament of artists along the way.

For collectors who are local to Toronto, shipping of artworks is complementary. The artist is usually available to deliver the piece in person and tell you a little bit about it.

Select an artist below to view their statement, bio, and their full collection of artworks for sale.

alexander ahilov artist headshot
Alexander Ahilov
Whitby, ON
Barb TenEycke Headshot
Barb TenEycke
Oakville, ON
brigitte nowak artist headshot
Brigitte Nowak
Toronto, ON
claudette losier artist headshot
Claudette Losier
Hamilton, ON
David Dawson Headshot
David Dawson
Gravenhurst, ON
Jean Grady Headshot
Jean Grady
London, ON
john kaltenhauser artist headshot
John Kaltenhauser
Cobourg, ON
karen darling artist headshot
Karen Darling
Brampton, ON
laura thipphawong artist headshot
Laura Thipphawong
Toronto, ON
loretta kaltenhauser artist headshot
Loretta Kaltenhauser
Cobourg, ON
Maria Iva Headshot
Maria Iva
Mississauga, ON
michele taras with utility box
Michele Taras
Orangeville, ON
susan g abbott artist headshot
Susan G. Abbott
Toronto, ON

Our Story

ArtMatch began operating in Toronto in late 2021, after several years of representing local artists in Alberta.

We’ve heard more than once from Toronto residents that they are unsure where to buy original art – especially artworks by local artists. Given the depth of the art scene in Toronto and the number of artists, this suprises us… but also it doesn’t. Even in large cities, there is a barrier in accessibility and exposure to the arts market for interested buyers.

Our goal, as always, is to make local art more accessible across Canadian cities, whether they have mature art scenes such as Toronto, or emerging ones such as Hamilton. We are actively expanding the Toronto art collection, and meeting often with exciting, talented artists. Stay tuned!

How Do We Select Artists?

When meeting with artists we think a lot about the quality of the art and the originality within the existing collection. We want each artist to bring something new to the table. Another important factor is how the style and subject matter of the artwork will resonate with the local community.

We try to keep the number of artists represented at or below 30 per region, which allows for plenty of diversity while not overwhelming.

If you are a Toronto artist seeking representation, please contact us below with a link to your portfolio. We promise to respond, but do allow us a week or two as we recieve many applications.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you don’t have time or don’t know where to start with browsing the collection, send us a message below. In your message, tell us what kind of art you like, or other parameters such as size, subject matter, etc.

No one knows our collection better than us! We can quickly develop a shortlist of artists or specific artworks to help focus your search.


An Interview with Calgary Artist Sheila Schaetzle

An Interview with Calgary Artist Sheila Schaetzle

Sheila Schaetzle is an artist who applies an immense passion for the creative process to her painting practice, her life, and her love for teaching.In the interview Sheila shares advice to artists and collectors, timeless art books, and inspiring thoughts on the...

An Interview with Calgary Artist Colin Bell

An Interview with Calgary Artist Colin Bell

Colin Bell is an artist who brings his passion for the outdoors and many years’ experience into his acrylic, watercolour, and oil paintings. In this interview Colin gives us insight into his process, his inspiration, and – most importantly – his wisdom.

A Contemporary Local Art Installation at the Concord Calgary

A Contemporary Local Art Installation at the Concord Calgary

The Concord Building 6 years ago, Vancouver-based company Concord Pacific began construction on its first Alberta-based project, an upscale (read: ultra-luxury) residential development spanning 14 stories over the peace bridge, in the heart of Eau Claire...


“As a full time artist who travels a lot and is often out of town, ArtMatch has been a life saver for me. Vandy’s commission is incredibly fair to the artist unlike many galleries and designers. The business model allows artists to support themselves and gives clients access to affordable artworks. I encourage any artist making a living from art to work with ArtMatch.”

-Rosanna Marmont, ArtMatch Artist

Stay tuned on local events, ArtMatch releases, and more.

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