Toronto Artists

New(ish) to Toronto, we have been connecting art buyers to local Toronto artists since 2021.
All of the artists below are active in the Toronto area.
Select an artist to learn more and view their full collection.

reflections 1 alexander ahilov artmatch e1654120710621 alexander ahilov artist headshot
Alexander Ahilov
Whitby, ON
manitoba farm alexandre da silva maia artmatch alexandre da silva maia artist headshot square 2
Alexandre Da Silva Maia
Toronto, ON
SL olive series anastasia grigoryeva artmatch painting on white wall square anastasia grigoryeva artist headshot square 2
Anastasia Grigoryeva
Toronto, ON
Shield Bridgette Nowak ArtMatch e1654120917914 brigitte nowak artist headshot square
Brigitte Nowak
Toronto, ON
into the light chelsea brant artmatch chelsea brandt artist headshot square
Chelsea Brant
Simcoe, ON
gneiss winter cheryl ann hills artmatch cheryl ann hills artist headshot square
Cheryl-Ann Hills
Hamilton, ON
claudette losier representative image square claudette losier artist headshot meditation
Claudette Losier
Hamilton, ON
mirrored reflection dania al obaidi artmatch e1657643930330 dania al obaidi artist headshot scaled
Dania Al-Obaidi
Mississauga, ON
david dawson representative image square david dawson headshot e1642455566446
David Dawson
Gravenhurst, ON
were together david johns artmatch david johns artist headshot square
David Johns
Toronto, ON
Dance With Me Jean Grady ArtMatch e1654121414121 jean grady headshot scaled e1641832589559
Jean Grady
London, ON
john kaltenhauser representative image square john kaltenhauser artist headshot scaled e1648848432929
John Kaltenhauser
Cobourg, ON
crosstown karen darling artmatch 2 e1677510960123 karen darling headshot 2 scaled e1647284013912
Karen Darling
Brampton, ON
unruly places laura thipphawong artmatch 2 scaled laura thipphawong artist headshot square crop
Laura Thipphawong
Toronto, ON
sertraline dreams framed melanie cheung artmatch painting on white background melanie cheung artist headshot square
Melanie Cheung
Hamilton, ON
drinking companion michele taras artmatch e1654122100802 michele taras with utility box scaled e1642528819639
Michele Taras
Orangeville, ON
steve potter artmatch alternate image steve potter artist headshot square
Steve Potter
Toronto, ON
tape it all together susan g abbott artmatch e1654122171162 susan g abbott artist headshot square 2022
Susan G. Abbott
Toronto, ON
great lake szonja vucsetics artmatch square szonja vucsetics artist headshot square
Szonja Vucsetics
Toronto, ON
windows on the river william parker artmatch 2 scaled william parker artist headshot square scaled
William Parker
Oakville, ON

Does Artist Location Matter?

We say yes! Supporting Toronto artists is an investment in our arts community and the immeasurable good artists brings to it. Purchasing from an artist in your city greatly reduces packaging waste, transportation emissions, and the risk of damage during shipping. For collectors in Toronto, shipping of artworks by a Toronto-based artist is free of charge, which can mean big savings, as shipping art across this behemoth of a country is $$$! We love that for local purchases, the artist is often available to deliver the art in person and tell you a little bit about it.

How Do We Select Artists?

When meeting with artists we think a lot about the originality relative to the existing collection. We want each artist to bring something new to the table. We carefully set limits on the number of artists represented per region to maintain variety while not overwhelming clients. As a result, the selection process is competitive — but we encourage artists to reach out! If you are a Toronto artist seeking representation, you are welcome to contact us below with a link to your portfolio. Please be patient in waiting for feedback as we receive daily applications.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Analysis paralysis is a very real thing with major purchases such as art. Fear not! If you don’t know where to start, send us a message below. Tell us what styles you like, if any artist(s) caught your eye, or other parameters such as size, budget, etc. No one knows our collection better than us, and we would be happy to pull together a shortlist of artists or artworks to help focus your search.

Our Story

ArtMatch started in 2015 with a handful of talented artists and slowly we expanded our representation to include more diverse genres, styles, and experience levels. We now represent around 20 artists in the Toronto area. Through the online collection and our consultation services, we have helped source art for hundreds of spaces, both residential and commercial.

“As a full time artist who travels a lot and is often out of town, ArtMatch has been a life saver for me. Their commission is incredibly fair to the artist, lower than most galleries and designers. The business model gives artists a straightforward option to support themselves and gives clients access to local artists. I encourage any artist making a living from art to work with ArtMatch.”

-Rosanna Marmont