Professional Art Consultations

Whether you are residential, commercial, a seasoned collector, or new to original art – we are here to help guide you in the right direction.

Art for the Sake of Art

We encourage clients to purchase art because they love it.

Of secondary importance is that the art enhances a space (and vice versa), but we firmly believe that if a piece of art moves you, it will fit naturally into your space.

We are not particulary interested in art investment and resale.

Our founder, Vandy, is trained as an interior designer and an artist. She has guided hundreds of clients towards art that resonates with them and their spaces, via (complementary) virtual and in-person art consultations.

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painting image

Painting by Holly Burghardt

Art for the Office

In addition to making an office a more creative and welcoming environment, purchasing Canadian original art brings tax benefits to professional corporations (read our article on the topic).

We have consulted for a number of Canadian developers and professional services firms, including:
Concord Pacific
Leith Wheeler Investments
FRAM + Slokker
…and many more!

Janie Lockwood Art Consultation and Installation at Reich Law

Painting by Janie Lockwood

Art Collecting 101

While we care about decor, even more important than the decorative value of artwork is how the art resonates with you. If you fall in love with a painting, it will fit in to your space naturally.

Our advice to collectors is to learn what you love, buy what you love, and keep pushing your boundaries.

How to learn what you love? Look at a lot of art!

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Cindy Bouwers Art Consultation and Installation at Concord

Paintings by Cindy Bouwers


“We found ArtMatch online and were very interested as we were looking for original artwork and were a little intimidated by art galleries. Vandy was extremely responsive and she came over shortly after we requested a consultation. We were impressed with her knowledge and the volume of quality local artists she has access to. She asked about our preferences and showed us many potential paintings. Once we selected art, she took pictures of the walls and digitally showed us what each piece would look like in our space. Vandy was able to deliver the paintings within a couple of days, and we got to meet one of the artists who helped install the art on our walls.

We had no intention of obtaining all four paintings, but they looked wonderful in our home and we couldn’t resist. We’ve received wonderful reviews on the artwork from guests. I would highly recommend ArtMatch for anyone looking for original local artwork at a reasonable price.”

– Graham S.

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