Calgary Artists

Founded in Calgary, ArtMatch has been connecting original art buyers to local Calgary artists since 2015.

Artist Representation: Calgary Area

All of the artists below are active artists in Calgary and surrounding area.

For collectors local to Calgary, shipping of artworks by majority of the artists below is complementary. The artist is usually available to deliver the art in person and tell you a little bit about it.

Select an artist to view their statement, bio, and their full collection of artworks for sale.

pond reflections alison philpotts artmatch scaled e1654114914134 alison philpotts artist headshot square
Alison Philpotts
Calgary, AB
Hoodooville Amanda Magis Long ArtMatch Calgary Original Artwork e1654115011956 amanda maglis long headshot square 3
Amanda Maglis-Long
Calgary, AB
lake louise escape bj sosa artmatch 2 e1654115819307 bj sosa artist headshot square scaled
BJ Sosa
Calgary, AB
chester lees representative image square chester lees artist headshot square crop
Chester Lees
Turner Valley, AB
32E4BFC8 94AE 4650 9439 CE48EC767FF9 e1654116359589 chlan grant artist headshot square crop
Chlan Grant
Calgary, AB
FrolicinBlueandYellow CindyBouwers ArtMatch cindy bouwers artist headshot square crop
Cindy Bouwers
Airdrie, AB
colin bell representative image square colin bell headshot 2 e1647025630117
Colin Bell
Calgary, AB
First Snow Dawn Thrasher ArtMatch e1654116973923 dawn thrasher artist headshot square 2
Dawn Thrasher
Calgary, AB
Our Past Does Not Define Us Deborah Burke ArtMatch e1654117110783 deborah burke artist headshot square crop
Deborah Burke
Calgary, AB
alternate portals 2 silence is golden diptych left eleanor boyden artmatch 2 e1654117310193 eleanor boyden artist headshot square crop
Eleanor Boyden
Calgary, AB
In the name of Eve scaled 1 e1654117428692 elena myasnikova headshot scaled e1641413999635
Elena Myasnikova
Calgary, AB
Cresent Moon Helena Hadala ArtMatch e1654117699253 helena hadala headshot scaled e1644360132781
Helena Hadala
Calgary, AB
spring meadow holly burghardt artmatch 3 scaled e1654117835508 P1120021 1024x768 1 e1641414127154
Holly Burghardt
Calgary, AB
Hidden Treasure Janie Lockwood ArtMatch e1654118022586 Janie Lockwood headshot scaled e1642029867106
Janie Lockwood
Calgary, AB
kate cleland alternate image square kate cleland artist headshot
Kate Cleland
Calgary, AB
Look Through Any Window Laurie Thomson ArtMatch scaled e1670094412766 laurie thompson artist headshot square crop
Laurie Thompson
Calgary, AB
Moon Watchers Lucie Bause ArtMatch Calgary Original Artwork scaled e1654118256259 lucie bause artist headshot square crop
Lucie Bause
Cochrane, AB
Lynette Melnyk In My Own Time ArtMatch e1654118427881 lynette melnyk headshot
Lynette Melnyk
Calgary, AB
joy moments lynn cameron artmatch 3 Lynn picture scaled 1 e1641416028714
Lynn Cameron
Calgary, AB
Meandering Along Mary Ann Hews ArtMatch e1654118769787 mary ann tarini hews headshot scaled e1645814737717
Mary Ann Tarini Hews
Calgary, AB
mary jo major representative image square mary jo major artist headshot 2 square
Mary Jo Major
Calgary, AB
parin meghani representative image square parin meghani artist headshot 2 square
Parin Meghani
Calgary, AB
The Scent of Spring Patricia Lortie ArtMatch e1654119422759 2020 Dec scaled e1641417215999
Patricia Lortie
Calgary, AB
a touch of change patricia neden artmatch e1654119600418 patricia neden artist headshot square crop
Patricia Neden
Wetaskiwin, AB
The Crossing Ray Swirsky ArtMatch e1654119704125 Ray Swirksy Headshot scaled e1641418134524
Ray Swirsky
Calgary, AB
Hayland Rosanna Marmont ArtMatch Calgary Original Artwork e1654119810207 Rosanna Marmont Headshot scaled e1641418262729
Rosanna Marmont
Okotoks, AB
ryan oulton representative image square ryan oulton headshot 2 square scaled
Ryan Oulton
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
My Favorite Time of Year Sheila Schaetzle ArtMatch 1 e1654120377386 sheila schaetzle headshot april 2022 square
Sheila Schaetzle
Calgary, AB
emerald garden troy babineau artmatch e1679929868258 troy babineau artist headshot square
Troy Babineau
Calgary, AB

Our Story

ArtMatch started with a handful of talented Calgary local artists, mostly showcasing landscape art. Slowly we expanded our representation to include more diverse genres, styles, and experience levels.

As advocates of the arts in Calgary, today we represent around 30 Calgary artists.

We have placed art in hundreds of Calgary spaces, both residential and commercial.

How Do We Select Artists?

When meeting with artists we think a lot about the originality within the existing collection. We want each artist to bring something new to the table. Another important factor is how the style and subject matter of the artist’s work will resonate with the Calgary clientele.

We try to limit the number of artists represented per region to allow for variety while not overwhelming.

If you are a Calgary artist seeking representation, please contact us below with a link to your portfolio. Please be patient in waiting to hear back as we receive many applications.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Analysis paralysis is a REAL THING with major purchases such as art. Fear not! If you don’t know where to start with browsing the collection, send us a message below. Tell us what kinds of art you like, or other parameters such as size, budget, etc.

No one knows our collection better than us. We can quickly prepare a shortlist of artists or specific artworks to help focus your search.


An Interview with Calgary Artist Sheila Schaetzle

An Interview with Calgary Artist Sheila Schaetzle

Sheila Schaetzle is an artist who applies an immense passion for the creative process to her painting practice, her life, and her love for teaching.In the interview Sheila shares advice to artists and collectors, timeless art books, and inspiring thoughts on the...

An Interview with Calgary Artist Colin Bell

An Interview with Calgary Artist Colin Bell

Colin Bell is an artist who brings his passion for the outdoors and many years’ experience into his acrylic, watercolour, and oil paintings. In this interview Colin gives us insight into his process, his inspiration, and – most importantly – his wisdom.

Artist Testimonial

“As a full time artist who travels a lot and is often out of town, ArtMatch has been a life saver for me. Vandy’s commission is incredibly fair to the artist unlike many galleries and designers. The business model allows artists to support themselves and gives clients access to affordable artworks. I encourage any artist making a living from art to work with ArtMatch.”

-Rosanna Marmont, Calgary Artist

Stay tuned on new releases, local events, design ideas, and more!

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