Calgary Artists

Founded in Calgary, ArtMatch has been connecting original art buyers to local Calgary artists since 2015.

Artist Representation: Calgary Area

Below is the group of artists we currently represent from the city of Calgary or surrounding area, plus one artist who snuck in from Edmonton!

Many of the artists below have been selling their original art with us for 3+ years. This is a testament to our commitment to artist’s careers, our passion in exposing and representing their works, and our fair treatment of artists along the way.

For collectors local to Calgary, shipping of artworks is complementary. The artist is usually available to deliver the art in person and tell you a little bit about it.

Select an artist below to view their statement, bio, and their full collection of artworks for sale.

Calgary-Artist-Alison Philpotts Headshot
Alison Philpotts
Calgary, AB
amanda maglis long artist headshot
Amanda Maglis-Long
Calgary, AB
Becky Holuk
Calgary, AB
bj sosa artist headshot
BJ Sosa
Calgary, AB
chester lees artist headshot
Chester Lees
Turner Valley, AB
chlan grant artist headshot
Chlan Grant
Calgary, AB
cindy bouwers artist headshot
Cindy Bouwers
Airdrie, AB
colin bell artist headshot
Colin Bell
Calgary, AB
David Nielsen Headshot
David Nielsen
Calgary, AB
dawn thrasher artist headshot
Dawn Thrasher
Calgary, AB
deborah burke artist headshot
Deborah Burke
Calgary, AB
eleanor boyden artist headshot
Eleanor Boyden
Calgary, AB
Elena Myasnikova Headshot
Elena Myasnikova
Calgary, AB
Helena Hadala Headshot
Helena Hadala
Calgary, AB
Holly Burghardt Headshot
Holly Burghardt
Calgary, AB
Janie Lockwood Headshot
Janie Lockwood
Calgary, AB
laurie thompson artist headshot
Laurie Thompson
Calgary, AB
lucie bause artist headshot
Lucie Bause
Cochrane, AB
Lynette Melnyk Headshot
Lynette Melnyk
Calgary, AB
Lynette Melnyk Headshot
Lynn Cameron
Calgary, AB
Marjorie Mae Broadhead Headshot
Marjorie Mae Broadhead
Calgary, AB
Mary Ann Tarini Hews Headshot
Mary Ann Tarini Hews
Calgary, AB
Mary Jo Major Headshot
Mary Jo Major
Calgary, AB
Parin Meghani Headshot
Parin Meghani
Calgary, AB
Patricia Lortie Headshot
Patricia Lortie
Calgary, AB
patricia neden artist headshot
Patricia Neden
Calgary, AB
Ray Swirsky Headshot
Ray Swirsky
Calgary, AB
Rosanna Marmont Headshot
Rosanna Marmont
Okotoks, AB
Sharon Lynn Williams Headshot
Sharon Lynn Williams
Calgary, AB
sheila schaetzle artist headshot
Sheila Schaetzle
Calgary, AB

Our Story

ArtMatch Online Art Gallery started with a handful of talented Calgary local artists,  mostly showcasing prairie and mountain landscape art. Slowly we expanded our representation to include more diverse genres, styles, and experience levels. Today we represent around 30 Calgary artists (amongst other Canadian artists), with original artworks ranging from traditional landscapes to contemporary abstract works.

How do we select artists?

When meeting with artists we think a lot about the quality of the art and the originality within the existing collection. We want each artist to bring something new to the table. Another important factor is how the style and subject matter of the artwork will resonate with the local community.

We try to keep the number of artists represented around 30 per region, which allows for plenty of diversity while not overwhelming.

If you are a Calgary artist seeking representation, please contact us below with a link to your portfolio. We promise to respond, but do allow us a week or two as we recieve many applications.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you don’t have time or don’t know where to start with browsing the collection, send us a message below. You can tell us what kind of art you like, or other parameters such as size, price, style, etc.

No one knows our collection better than us! We can quickly prepare a shortlist of artists or specific artworks to help focus your search.


An Interview with Calgary Artist Sheila Schaetzle

An Interview with Calgary Artist Sheila Schaetzle

Sheila Schaetzle is an artist who applies an immense passion for the creative process to her painting practice, her life, and her love for teaching.In the interview Sheila shares advice to artists and collectors, timeless art books, and inspiring thoughts on the...

An Interview with Calgary Artist Colin Bell

An Interview with Calgary Artist Colin Bell

Colin Bell is an artist who brings his passion for the outdoors and many years’ experience into his acrylic, watercolour, and oil paintings. In this interview Colin gives us insight into his process, his inspiration, and – most importantly – his wisdom.

A Contemporary Local Art Installation at the Concord Calgary

A Contemporary Local Art Installation at the Concord Calgary

The Concord Building 6 years ago, Vancouver-based company Concord Pacific began construction on its first Alberta-based project, an upscale (read: ultra-luxury) residential development spanning 14 stories over the peace bridge, in the heart of Eau Claire...


“As a full time artist who travels a lot and is often out of town, ArtMatch has been a life saver for me. Vandy’s commission is incredibly fair to the artist unlike many galleries and designers. The business model allows artists to support themselves and gives clients access to affordable artworks. I encourage any artist making a living from art to work with ArtMatch.”

-Rosanna Marmont, ArtMatch Calgary Artist

Stay tuned on local events, ArtMatch releases, and more.

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