Custom Artwork Commissions

Meet your project needs with a custom art commission.

Commission Gallery

When Should I Arrange for a Commission?

For any of the following reasons:

  • You love an artwork on the gallery but the piece is sold.
  • You love an artist’s work, but can’t quite find the right size, colour (or other attributes) within their existing collection.
  • You have very specific needs, such as a custom portrait, site-specific installation, etc.

For the latter, keep in mind that we work with hundreds of artists outside of our online representation. Surely one of the artists in our network will be suitable for your project needs, so don’t hesitate to inquire with us if you don’t see what you need on the gallery!

What Types of Commissions are Available?

We have experience with custom paintings, sculptures, digital art projects, prints for wallpapers and hoarding walls, and more.

The majority of artists we represent on the online gallery are open to custom commissions. If none of the artists on the online gallery seem suitable for your project, contact us anyway! We work with hundreds of professional artists outside of our online representation, and frequently rely on this network to coordinate commissions for clients.

How does Pricing and payment Differ for custom work?

This depends on the complexity of your project, however assuming your needs are similar to the artist’s existing work, a reasonable starting point is to budget ~15% more than the price of their similarly-sized existing works for sale.

Upon understanding your project details, we will provide a firm quote. A 50% deposit is required before starting any work.

How Long do Artwork Commissions Take?

This depends on the complexity of your project, however expect an absolute minimum of 2-3 weeks, with typical timelines ranging between 4-8 weeks. Please give notice accordingly.

To make sure the commission is progressing in the right direction, we will send you regular status updates. Every artist’s process is different, but we facilitate communication throughout.

You are likely noticing that the answer to many of these questions starts with “it depends”.
Each commission is, by definition, unique!
Contact us to discuss your project in more depth.

“My mom’s eyes are absolutely perfect and they have the same glow like they always did.
This whole experience has been absolutely amazing, and believe it or not, life changing.”

– Samantha W.
after receiving two custom portraits of her parents