How it Works

Our goal: bring visibility to the wealth of talented Canadian artists, and make it easy for buyers to discover, support, and collect from local artists.

Step 1: Shop

Browse through our curated collection of artworks via the online gallery. Artworks can be filtered by price, size, artist location, subject matter, and more.

Almost all pieces listed are available for immediate purchase, by selecting Purchase on the artwork page.

Alternatively, you can Reserve the piece to place it on hold, after which we will contact you to:

  • Arrange interior mockups;
  • Arrange a consultation;
  • Arrange to view the work in person;
  • Answer any questions you have.

All of the above is complimentary and commitment-free, so Reserving is the best option if you are on the fence.

Interested in an artist, but not quite seeing the right piece? Inquire about a custom commission.

Step 2: Interior Mockups

When Reserving an artwork, you can submit images and dimensions of the wall(s) where you hope to install it. We will create digital mockups of the art on your wall(s), to scale, so you can be confident the art will flourish in your space. 

Mockups allow you to test various artworks, styles, and combinations from the comfort of home. They also reduce the likelihood of returns, preventing waste from packaging and shipping.

Turnaround time for mockups is less than 24h.

Your art will outlast your space and any current design trends. As such, we encourage clients to purchase artwork they love, independent of how it matches the couch colour, decor, etc. That said, it never hurts to know the art will enhance your space (and vice versa) before purchasing. Scale, in particular, is frequently overlooked!

interior mockup example
painting close up

Step 3: Packaging & Shipping

Packaging and shipping costs depend on artwork size, medium, and location. When purchasing a piece online, these costs are calculated separately from the list price during checkout. If the checkout option is not available for an artwork, this likely means it is a specialty shipping item, and you’ll have to reserve it so we can fetch a shipping quote before proceeding with the purchase.

Please allow 7-14 days for non-local deliveries.

For local orders, shipping is complimentary, environmental impact is minimized, and the artist is usually able to bring the artwork to your door! (Yes, we love local orders).

Step 4: Trial Period

After the artwork is delivered, you have 7 days to live with it with a full refund available on the cost of the art. While we hope you’re going to love your purchase, we will process a return no-questions-asked, as long as the artwork is in the same condition that you received it.

In case of a return…

For local purchases, we will pick up the art from your space at no extra charge.

For non-local purchases, delivery and return shipping costs are not refundable.

View our full refund and return policy here.

artwork installed in client home

Step 5: Happiness

This is my second time purchasing art work at ArtMatch and like the first time, it was conducted in a very professional manner, very fast delivery and most importantly, the pieces look exactly like how they are presented and described online. It is nice to support very talented local artists.”

– Shalina O.