Buying Original Art

How can you buy original art without seeing it in person?

We do everything we can to ensure that artwork images are as close to reality as possible. That said, we acknowledge that a photograph never quite does justice – the work is always better in person!

To ensure the artwork is a great fit for your space, we offer digital mock-ups to help you visualize artworks on your walls, to scale, before purchasing. We also coordinate in-person viewings of artworks (for local purchases only). We highly recommend taking advantage of these free services if you are on the fence.

Once an artwork is delivered, you also have 7 days to trial it in your space, and we offer a full refund (excluding shipping) if you are not satisfied.

Do you give advice on appreciation in artwork value?

Nope! Original art is an investment in yourself and your arts community. In that capacity we can assure you it is a great investment.

How do you set prices?

Prices are set by the artist with occasional feedback from us. We recommend artists to price their work such that they are paid a respectable wage for their time and effort, whatever that means to the artist at their stage of life / career.

Do we get to meet the artist?

For local purchases, shipping is complimentary and the artist, if feasible, will bring the artwork to your door and would love to meet you.

What is the difference between “Reserving” and “Purchasing” the artwork? 

Reserve: Place artwork on hold for 7 days to:

  • Arrange interior mockups to visualize the artwork in your space, to scale;
  • Arrange a consultation;
  • Arrange to view the work in person (for local purchases only);
  • Chat with us for any reason about the piece.

All of the above is complimentary and commitment-free, so Reserving is the best option if you are on the fence.

Purchase: Buy the artwork online. Additional shipping costs (if applicable) will be calculated at check-out. Please allow around 7 business days for shipping.

How do you guarantee that the artwork is original?

ArtMatch only sells original artwork and limited edition prints. For the latter, the total number of editions will be specified in the artwork description.

All pieces are signed by the artist.

An authenticity certificate with the artwork and purchase details will be provided once artworks are delivered and you have confirmed you are satisfied.

What does it mean when an artwork is listed as “framed”?

The artist has already put the artwork in a frame, which is included in the dimensions and cost shown.

An image of the artwork including the frame should be provided as part of the listing.

Usually, the frames shown are optional. If you have any questions about a framed piece, please Reserve the piece and we will get in touch.

Art Services

Can we get custom artworks done?

We regularly faciliate commissions! All the details can be found on our Custom Commissions page.

How do consultations work?

Depends on the extent of your scope.

For typical art purchases, we will set up a quick call or in-person meeting to discuss your space, vision, and budget. Then we will develop a shortlist of artists and select artworks to trial in-person or for digital mockups. This is complimentary unless you are sourcing lots of art.

For larger or commercial projects requiring dedicated art services, we provide formal proposal and quotes for our services. More details on our Professional Consultations page.

How do digital mockups work?

When Reserving an artwork, you can submit images and dimensions of the wall(s) where you hope to install it.

We will overlay the artworks on your wall(s), to scale, so you can be confident the art will flourish in your space.

Turnaround time for mockups is less than 24h.

Do you work with interior designers and developers, for commercial / residential projects?

Yes! We have plenty of experience working with both developers and designers to achieve their (and their clients) project vision.

We also have a trade program with perks specifically for interior designers, which can be accessed Here.

Do you help with framing and hanging?

We are connected to wholesale framers who provide top quality framing at competitive prices, along with experienced art installers.

We can connect you with them directly or coordinate these services on your behalf.

Do you allow rentals?

Yes! We offer artwork rentals at a monthly fee (5% of the artwork cost), for two months minimum, after which artworks can be returned or rotated.

Any shipping or additional services required, such as installation or framing, are an additional cost.

If you decide to keep a piece, rental fees you’ve paid (for that piece only) can be applied towards the purchase. So if you are on the fence, this is a low-risk option to test out an artwork.

We are currently developing an automated platform to facilitate rentals. In the meantime, you can reserve artworks of interest or send us an email to start the conversation.


Are shipping costs included in the price of the artwork?

No. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, based on the size of the artwork and the distance shipped.

There is no delivery fee for local purchases, aside from specialty shipping items (e.g. extra heavy or oversized artworks).

If the checkout option is not available for an artwork, this likely means it is a specialty shipping item, and you’ll have to Reserve it so we can confirm the cost of packaging and shipping before proceeding with the purchase.

Do you ship internationally (outside of Canada)?

Yes, but this option is not yet available via online checkout.

Please reserve the artwork(s) you are interested in, and we will contact you to arrange shipping.

What is the typical delivery time for artwork?

For local purchases, shipping can be arranged in 2 to 7 business days, usually closer to 2.

For non-local purchase, shipping can vary widely depending on the extent of packaging required – anywhere between 5 to 15 business days.

How do you ensure safe packaging for shipping?

We have strict packaging requirements which have been vetted by professional art handlers. We comply with these packaging requirements for all orders. 


Do you allow returns?

Yes. Within 7 days of receiving artwork you can return it with a full refund (excluding applicable shipping), as long as it is in its original packaging and condition.

How do I return an artwork?

To start the return process – within 7 days of receiving the artwork – notify us by email or phone.

If the purchase was local, the artwork will be picked up by the artist or an ArtMatch representative.

If the purchase was non-local, we will send you a shipping label to attach to the original packaging (assuming it is in good condition), and it will be picked up by our shipper.

Once we have confirmed that the artwork was returned in its original condition, a full refund will be provided for the cost of the artwork.

The cost of shipping and packaging is non-refundable.