Buying Original Art

How can you buy original art without seeing it in person?

We do everything we can to ensure that the images of our artwork are as close to reality as possible. That said, we acknowledge that a photograph of an artwork is never quite identical to the artwork… it’s always better in person!

To ensure the artwork is a great fit for your space, we offer free digital mock-ups for any art you reserve, and highly recommend taking advantage of this process.

Once the artwork is delivered, you also have 7 days to trial it in your home, and we offer a full refund (excluding shipping) if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Do you give advice on appreciation in artwork value?

Nope! Original art is an investment in yourself and your arts community. In that capacity we can assure you it is a great investment.

How do you set prices?

Prices are set by the artist with occasional feedback from us. We recommend artists to price their work such that they are paid a respectable wage for their time and effort, whatever that means to the artist at their stage of life / career.

Can we meet the artist?

For local purchases (~50 km) shipping is complementary and the artist, if available, will bring the artwork to your door and would love to meet you.

 What is the difference between “reserving” and “purchasing” the artwork? 

Purchasing artwork will take you to our e-commerce portal for instant checkout. Applicable shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Once you have paid, the artwork will be packaged and delivered to you.

Reserving puts the artwork on hold for seven days. During this period, the ArtMatch team will contact you to arrange for complementary digital mockups to view the art in your space. During the mockup process we might offer some feedback, and also offer more thorough professional consultations if requested. Depending on your location, we might also be able to arrange an in-person viewing of the work.

Only once you are ready to proceed do we ask for payment and ship the artwork to you. This is the best choice if you are on the fence, or considering multiple options.

How do you guarantee that the artwork is original?

ArtMatch only sells original artwork and limited editioned prints. We provide a certificate of authenticity with each artwork purchased. All artworks are signed on the front or verso.

What does it mean when an artwork is listed as “framed”?

This means that the artist has the artwork currently housed in a frame,  which is included in the listed price and dimensions of the artwork. Upon purchasing the artwork, you can specify whether you would like to have it delivered with or without the frame. We try to provide images of the frame in the artwork images on the gallery, otherwise we can provide them by email when you inquire about the painting / during the mock-up process.

Art Services

Can we get custom-commissioned paintings done?

It never hurts to ask as many of our artists are open to it. Send us your specifications and we will facilitate the process. If accepted, the artist will work closely with you (after receiving a 50% deposit to start the work), including sharing progress photos to ensure the work is developed to your taste.

More details on our Custom Commissions page.

How do consultations work?

We will set up a video call or in-person meeting to discuss and view your space, along with your vision and budget. Then we will develop a shortlist of artists and select artworks in our catalogue to trial in-person or with digital mockups.

We do the above for free aside from larger / commercial projects involving several pieces of artwork, at which point we will develop a formal proposal for our services.

More details on our Art Consultations page.

How do mockups work?

Once you reserve an artwork, we will send detailed instructions. But essentially, you provide a photo of the wall (preferably straight on) where you are looking to hang your artwork, along with a dimension, and we will digitally overlay selected artworks to scale.

More details on our Art Mockups page.

Do you work with interior designers and developers, for commercial / residential projects?

Yes! We have plenty of experience working with developers and designers to achieve their (and their clients) project vision. We work with anyone seeking art.

Do you help with framing and hanging services?

We are connected to wholesale framers and professional installers who are excellent at what they do. We can connect you with them directly or coordinate with them on your behalf.

Do you allow rentals?

Yes! Rentals are a great option to have artwork in your space without breaking the bank. We offer artwork rentals at a monthly fee (5% of the artwork cost), for two months minimum, after which artworks can be returned or rotated. Any shipping or additional services required, such as installation or framing, are an additional cost.

If you end up loving a piece and want to keep it, rental fees you’ve paid (for that piece only) can be applied towards the purchase. So if you are on the fence, this is a low-risk option to test out an artwork.

We are currently developing an automated platform to facilitate rentals. In the meantime, you can reserve artworks of interest or send us an email to start the conversation.


Are shipping costs included in the price of the artwork?

No. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, based on the size of the artwork and the distance shipped.

We encourage supporting local. Any art purchased from an artist within your region (~50 km) is delivered free of charge. Also, depending on the artist’s availability, they will hand-deliver the artwork to you, and would be happy to tell you about the inspiration behind the piece.

Because art shipping and handling costs can vary widely depending on the medium and weight of the artwork (i.e. canvas vs. wood), ArtMatch reserves the right to modify shipping costs after checkout. In this case, you will ALWAYS be contacted and notified about the modification to the invoice, and you reserve the right to a full refund on your purchase. This is rare. We commit to quoted shipping price aside from extraneous circumstances (i.e. we were off by hundreds of dollars).

Do you ship internationally (outside of Canada?)
Yes, but not via online checkout. Please reserve the artwork(s) you are interested in, and we will contact you to arrange shipping.

What is the typical delivery time for artwork? For local purchases (~50 km), shipping can be arranged in 2 to 7 business days, and usually closer to 2.

For non-local purchase, shipping can vary widely – anywhere between 5 to 15 business days.

How do you ensure safe packaging for shipping?

Our artists are experienced with shipping their work, and know how to package it safely for shipping. We work with the artists as required to ensure packaging is done correctly. We always purchase the appropriate insurance for our packages.

Learn more about shipping here.


Do you allow returns?

Yes. Within 7 days of receiving artwork you can return it with a full refund (excluding applicable shipping), as long as it is in its original packaging and condition.

How do I return an artwork?

To start the return process – within 7 days of receiving the artwork – notify us by email or phone. If you’ve had artwork delivered, you likely already have our contact details, otherwise you can contact us via the form below.

If the purchase was local (you’ll know because your delivery was free), returns are straightforward: the artwork will be picked up from your door by the artist or an ArtMatch representative, free of charge.

If the purchase was non-local, and third party shipping was arranged for delivery, we require third-party shipping for the return. The cost of third-party return shipping and packaging is not covered by ArtMatch, but we can help you to make sure it is shipped correctly, can provide you a shipping label, etc.

In most cases, we recommend using the original packaging in which the artwork was received for return shipping.

Once the artist has confirmed that their artwork was returned in its original condition, a full refund will be provided for the cost of the artwork.