ArtMatch collaborates with designers to help clients find original art.

Recently, DWK Interiors approached us to assist with art selection for a refurbishing project in their client’s home. We were, of course, thrilled at the opportunity to help.

Browsing the gallery with the client, and given their stylistic preferences and required dimensions, we developed a shortlist of paintings with Landscape themes. From this shortlist the client was easily able to make final selections.

Alison Philpotts Install ShotWest Coast Beach 2, Alison Philpotts, 24″x72″, Acrylic on Canvas

Once art selections were finalized, ArtMatch delivered the paintings to the client’s home. The painting they chose for the bedroom was pre-framed and fit perfectly over the bed. Vandy assisted with hanging it on the spot. It was decided that the painting selected for the dining room required a frame to tie-in with the existing decor. Vandy arranged for framing to match the dining table finish.

Alison Philpotts Installation - DWKWest Coast Beach, Alison Philpotts, 40″x50″, Acrylic on Canvas

For the stairway landing, a very tall painting was required. The client had already fallen in love with a piece by Patrick Markle, however the dimensions were not quite right for the landing. We commissioned Patrick to recreate the painting to the client’s specifications (over 6 feet tall!). Once complete, Vandy arranged framing for the commissioned painting and the finished artworks were delivered.

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Patrick Markle InstallPatrick Markle Install Shot 2Athabasca River II, Patrick Markle, 78″x36″, Acrylic on Canvas

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of this project, and the spectacular artworks selected by the client. Each piece truly feels like it was built for the space!


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