Collectors seeking a cohesive style might consider diptych (two-piece) and triptych (three-piece) wall art, or selecting several works from a single artist to create a distinctive theme.

Adjoining the Bow River and surrounded by mature trees, this beautiful home in Calgary was freshly renovated and ready for the finishing touches. Since the residents of the house are Calgary and Arizona natives and lovers of the prairies, it was a no-brainer to suggest artworks by Rosanna Marmont, who splits her time and studio practice between Alberta and Arizona. The dominant theme in her work is a romantic portrayal of prairie landscapes and scenes.

Vandy recommended Sundown by Rosanna for the entryway (above), a large painting showcasing the expansive Arizona skies on wood panel, which spoke to both the upbringing of the clients and matched the wood finishings in the space. We love how the natural grain of the wood can be seen through the thinly applied oil pigments.

Rosanna Marmont Residential Installation(L) Copper Abstraction II, Rosanna Marmont, 36″ x 36″, mounted copper
(R) Copper Abstraction I, Rosanna Marmont, 36″ x 36″, mounted copper

Rosanna also creates artworks using a copper medium, by heating it to red hot temperature before quenching it, then using fire, heat, acid, and patina to develop a rich abstract surface. Two copper artworks were suggested as a diptych to fill the “art-niche” spaces in the family room, shown above. These pieces were a continuation to the Western theme from Rosanna’s painting installed in the entryway. Diptychs offer a consistent theme, an element of narrative, and add cohesion to a collection. Browse the gallery for Diptych [two-piece] wall art.

It warmed our heart when Rosanna, while was assisting with the installation, recognized one of the clients. Turns out they attended the same high school. The power of local connections!

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