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All of the paintings below are original with a primary focus on the Canadian Shield landscape. Artworks range from representational to abstracted forms, and might include wide, sweeping views or more focused compositions.

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What Even Is the Canadian Shield?

The Canadian Shield is a region of Canada (shown in RED by the map below) containing exposed igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks.

Assuming you are like us and the previous sentence meant nothing to you, these rocks are EXTREMELY OLD. Almost 4 billion years old. They are the geologic core of the North American continent.

canadian shield map

This region is sprawling, covering over 50% of Canada, and the landscape is visually unforgettable, with thousands of small lakes interrupted by seemingly endless hills, dense forests, and islands of distinctive rock formations.

It is no surprise that these landscapes have inspired artists for over a century: most famous in Canadian art lore is the Group of Seven, also known as The Algonquin School, a group of Canadian artists active between 1920 and 1933. The group depicted the rugged Canadian wilderness, in particular the Canadian Shield region, with great romanticism, striving to capture its spirit rather than its purely external form.

The Jack Pine by Tom Thomson, showing a trademark Canadian Shield scene is, perhaps, one of the most iconic works to emerge from the school.

the jack pine by tom thomson

Local Art = The Sustainable option

Since you are browsing Canadian Shield landscape paintings, we have a hunch that you love the outdoors, and that sustainability is a priority for you.

In addition to the many benefits brought to your arts community, selecting local artists for your project reduces the environmental footprint of your purchase by reducing packaging waste and transportation emissions. Neither of these are trivial when transporting art, which usually involves lots of packaging for protection, and significant shipping weights and volumes!

cecile albi artwork mocked up in interior

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