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Design Considerations: Triptychs

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Series artworks are a single composition split into 2+ panels. When the panels are placed beside (or on top of) each other, the singular composition is revealed. Individual panels often work on their own as well.

A triptych means a three-piece series – the artwork is split into 3 panels.

Some factors to consider when selecting series artworks:

    • Dip, trip, and polyp-tychs can offer a sense of narrative flow to a piece. The separation between each panel often causes the viewer to absorb the painting in a specific (perhaps intentional) order.
    • Dimensions provided for triptychs assume the panels are touching, with no space between them. This is unlikely to be the case when they are hung. Allow for at least 1″ of spacing between panels when considering how the work will fit in your space.
    • Due to the gaps required between each panel, triptychs are an effective way to use more wall space.
    • We offer free digital mockups to visualize artworks in your space, which will help determine if the scale is appropriate. These are also helpful when hanging the work and deciding how much space to give between each panel. To proceed with mockups, reserve any painting you like.
    • Triptychs are usually hung beside (or on top of) each other, but they do NOT have to be. We have seen effective instances of series artworks being split across different walls and rooms.
painting interior mockup

Triptych Art for Sale

All of the artworks below are polyptychs (multi-piece series) with three or more panels. Paintings, unless otherwise specified, are ready to hang.

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If you are a collector local to the artist, we offer free shipping, and the artist is often able to deliver the painting in person and tell you about their inspiration. Our mission is to build local connections!

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