Commissioned paintings are a touching, one-of-a-kind gift for a special occasion.

We often get inquiries for custom painting commissions such as pet portraits, past residences, life events, and landscapes. For this example, the mother of the bride wanted to recreate the scene where the bride and groom tied the knot. As you can see from the comparison image above, Ettore Iannacito (the artist selected for the commission) did an excellent job capturing the many details of the scene.

Custom Commission Image Provided by ClientThe original image provided by the client

The first step to a custom commission is to contact us with your specific requirements, including the size, subject matter (including any images you can provide), and budget. We also recommend  requesting a specific ArtMatch artist. This is one of the most important steps for a commission; most of our artists can recreate an image, but the style of the finished piece will vary significantly. The best way to determine which artist’s style you like is to browse the gallery.

Commissioned Painting ProductThe completed commission by Ettore Iannacito

While gifting art is difficult, since it is a very personal decision, a commission helps bridge the uncertainty. By selecting a specific subject matter and moment from someone’s history, there is a high chance the final product will resonate with the person receiving the gift. In this case, the newlyweds were absolutely thrilled!

An important factor to consider when commissioning an original painting is time. Creating an artwork from scratch can take several weeks or even months. We want to make sure that the finished product isn’t rushed and the artist has enough time to create the piece exactly as you want it. The earlier you put the request for the commission in the earlier the artist can get started, adjust as needed, and leave you with spare time to consider finishing touches such as framing.

Learn more about the ArtMatch commission process.