Professional corporations should be aware of the financial benefits to owning original.

Offices that purchase local, original art can claim the expenses towards annual tax deductions (link for more info) while supporting their local arts community. ArtMatch provides authenticity certificates for artworks purchased, which can be used for tax purposes.

Our client (Reich Law) had just moved in to their new office and wanted to brighten up their new space and take advantage of the tax deductions that come with collecting original art. A key criteria for tax deductible art is that it must be created by a Canadian artist, if the cost exceeds $200. ArtMatch exclusively represents Canadian artists! With many walls to fill and a tight deadline before opening, Reich Law brought Vandy in for a professional consultation. Vandy recommended Strata 2 and Valdez Love Letters (above) by Janie Lockwood, whose clean, minimalist and cream colour palette contrasted beautifully with the black frames and dark adjacent wall. While these paintings are relatively small for the wall, positioning them as diptychs allowed them to occupy enough space and create a focal point for the office entrance.

Rosanna Marmont Installation - Reich LawBadlands, Rosanna Marmont, 48″ x 96″, Oil on Wood Panel

For the lobby area with dark green walls and beige furniture, Vandy suggested Badlands by Rosanna Marmont, as the yellow wood undertones were a great match for the furniture and wood panelling.

Chlan Grant Installation - Reich LawTime Capsule, Chlan Grant, 42″ x 72″, diptych, Mixed Media

For a corridor wall lined with offices, Vandy selected a neutral, textured diptych called Time Capsule by Chlan Grant. This two-piece artwork achieves a marble finish with three-dimensional silver texture across the middle. Since these paintings are largely seen at an angle, the texture is especially prominent. Also while walking through the corridor, the shifting light catches the silver tones and changes the perspective of the painting.

Patricia Neden Installation - Reich LawAlong the River’s Edge, Patricia Neden, 30″ x 60″, Oil on Canvas

The final installation was for the CEO’s office. While the other artworks were muted, Vandy recommended a pop of colour for the neutral office. The selected artwork was Along the River’s Edge, a vibrant, textured, abstract painting by Patricia Neden. Installation of all the artwork was completed by Vandy and the artists, and everything came together in time for the opening event!

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