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Intro to Neutral Colours

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Pure neutral colours are comrpised of white, black, brown, and grey, and have no underlying colour.

However, these are not what we usually think about when imagining netural tones. Usually what we are thinking about – for instance with the colours in the banner above – are “near neutrals”. These are primary and secondary colours which have been mixed with a pure neutral, giving the pure neutral an undertone. This results in a muted and more passive version of the original, hence the “neutral” effect.

Design Considerations

  • Neutrals are a critical tool in every designer’s toolbox. Above all else, their power lies in consistency. Colour trends fluctuate, but neutrals are always constant. They are a reliable source of contrast against whatever other colours you use.
  • With neutrals, you don’t have to worry as much about colour matching. A painting with a neutral palette whose undertones don’t match with other colours in the space won’t be as offensive.
  • Sentiments associated with neutral colours:
    Calming, sustainable, rustic, natural, conservative, casual, clean, sleek, down-to-earth, wholesome, approachable.
  • This one is pretty obvious, but neutrals are a great base layer upon which you can add accents and bold pops of colour. If you design your space with neutral baselines, you can change out the accents and decor to match your whims or current trends.
  • Popular these days is a full neutral look: rather than being the reliable baseline, neutrals are used holistically. This can fall into the trap of sterility, but can also create an undeniably welcoming and soothing atmopshere, and is part of the reason why Scandinavian decor styles have become so popular.
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Paintings with Neutral Colour Palettes

All of the artworks shown below have a (predominantly) neutral colour palette.

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