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Browse our collection of original art by artists from Edmonton, Canada.

Edmonton Art for Sale

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All of the artworks shown below are located in Edmonton, AB or surrounding areas. Select any artwork to learn more, or to reserve / purchase the piece.

If you are a local collector (from Edmonton or wider region), shipping is complementary and the artist is often able to deliver the painting in person and tell you about their inspiration. Our mission is to build local connections!

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We ♡ Edmonton

Founded in Alberta, ArtMatch has been operating since 2015 and has helped hundreds of clients find outstanding local art. We are actively growing our representation with a focus on vibrant cities such as Edmonton. We are passionate about connecting people with artists who are inspired by the same sights and surroundings, and strengthening the arts community in the process.

The Edmonton Collection

Currently we are showcasing art for sale by four artists from the Edmonton area. We are taking our time to build the collection thoughtfully and to reflect a broad range of styles and experience levels. If you are working in Edmonton and seeking representation, we would love to hear from you.

cecile albi artwork mocked up in interior

ArtMatch is a curated online art gallery & consultation service connecting clients seeking quality Canadian art with outstanding artists from their community.

Operating since 2015, we have supplied art for hundreds of spaces and projects, both residential and commercial. We offer flexible art consultation services and a diverse, approachable collection, working with emerging and experienced artists across a range of genres.

“This is my second time purchasing art work at ArtMatch and like the first time, it was conducted in a very professional manner, very fast delivery and most importantly, the pieces look exactly like how they are presented and described online. It is nice to support very talented local artists.”

– Shalina O.