Along the Riverbed

36 x 60 in


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Along the Riverbed

36 x 60 in


Memories of fall in the Maritimes. As the leaves fill the crevice of the old riverbed, the last light shines on the tips of the fur trees behind a yellow maple.

This painting is available, but not for immediate purchase. Please reserve to put the piece on hold, and we will contact you to proceed with purchase / inquiry.

Dimensions 60 × 36 in





Artwork Type

I love this piece, but can't quite afford it!

We offer some options which might hep with affordability:

  1. Rentals: artworks can be rented for 5% of the total cost, charged monthly, for a minimum of 2 months. Rental fees incurred can be applied against an eventual purchase, as long as the rental fees were for the same piece. This is a great, low-risk option to test the artwork out it in your space without paying the full cost up-front.
  2. Installments: similar to the rental program, we are open to arranging installment-based payments with zero interest fees. E.g., 25% of the artwork value charged monthly, over 4 months. This is arranged on a case-by-case basis.

To pursue either of the options above, please reserve the artwork.

How is authenticity guaranteed?

All artworks we sell are original works or limited edition prints. For the latter, the edition number and total number of editions will be specified in the description.

All pieces are signed by the artist.

An authenticity certificate with the artwork and purchase details will be provided once artworks are delivered and you have confirmed you are satisfied.

What does "Framed" mean?

The artist has already put the artwork in a frame, which is included in the dimensions and cost shown. An image of the artwork including the frame should be provided.

All frames are optional.

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