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ArtMatch has been operating since 2015 and has helped connect hundreds of clients with artworks by local artists. We showcase a variety of artwork types, and recently added our first sculptural artist to the roster. With our Canadian roots in mind, we are passionate about connecting clients with artists who are inspired by the same sights and surroundings, and strengthening our arts community in the process.

The Sculpture Collection

Our representation has developed over many years and is comprised of around 50 Canadian artists. To start, we exclusively focused on paintings, but recently we have expanded our artist representation to include photographers, printmakers, and sculptural artists. We plan to continue growing our collection of sculptures available for sale!

We are thoughtful in our selection of artists, striving to capture a broad range of styles and experience levels while not showcasing so much artwork that collectors are overwhelmed.

Sculptures for Sale

All of the artworks shown below are original sculptures. Select any artwork to learn more, or to reserve / purchase the piece.
If you are local to the artist, shipping is complementary and the artist is usually able to deliver the art print in person and tell you about their inspiration. Our mission is to build local connections!

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Sculptures FAQ

Aren’t sculptures delicate? How do you ensure safe delivery?
Yes, sculptural works often are delicate! For this reason, we work closely with artists to ensure artworks are packaged carefully prior to shipping. In our history of delivering over 1000 artworks to clients, we have yet to damage a single piece during the shipping process (*knock on wood!!*). This is a testament to how careful we are when packaging and shipping artworks.

The cost of shipping the sculptures, or any other artworks, is calculated when you input your delivery address on the checkout page.

How much do the sculptures weigh?
We haven’t included this information in most of the descriptions for sculptures, but feel free to reserve the piece to address any outstanding questions  you might have prior to purchase. Reserving an artwork will put it on hold while we answer your questions, estimate shipping costs, or arrange for in-home trials if you are in close proximity to the artist.

Are sculptural commissions an option?
Not every artist is open to commissions, and it often depends on the complexity of the request, but it never hurts to ask! You can do so by submitting an inquiry with us via the contact form below.

A Brief History of Sculpture in Visual Art

Sculpture has a rich and diverse history spanning thousands of years, with its origins dating back to ancient civilizations. In its early stages, sculpture primarily served religious or commemorative purposes. Ancient Egyptian sculptures, such as the Great Sphinx and the statues of pharaohs, showcased their belief in the afterlife and divine power.

The Greeks revolutionized the form by introducing a more naturalistic approach during the Classical period. Artists like Phidias and Praxiteles created iconic marble statues, including the renowned Venus de Milo and the Parthenon sculptures, which embodied the idealized human form and conveyed a sense of harmony and balance.

During the Roman Empire, sculptures became more detailed and realistic, often depicting emperors and mythological figures. The Laocoon and His Sons sculpture is a prime example of Roman artistry, showcasing intricate detailing and dynamic compositions.

With the rise of Christianity in medieval Europe, sculptures took on a more religious theme. Elaborate sculptures adorned churches and cathedrals, conveying biblical narratives and serving as objects of devotion. The works of Donatello and Michelangelo during the Renaissance period marked a return to the classical ideals of beauty and anatomical accuracy. Michelangelo’s David and Pietà exemplify the mastery of human form and emotional expression.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, sculpture underwent significant transformations. Auguste Rodin, widely considered the father of modern sculpture, challenged conventions by embracing more fluid and dynamic forms. The advent of abstraction led artists like Constantin Brâncuși and Henry Moore to explore non-representational and conceptual approaches, pushing the boundaries of what sculpture could be.

Contemporary sculpture encompasses a wide range of styles and materials, including installations, assemblages, and kinetic sculptures. Artists like Louise Bourgeois and Jeff Koons continue to redefine the medium, using sculpture to explore personal narratives and societal themes.

Throughout history, sculpture has evolved and adapted to reflect changing cultural, religious, and artistic influences. From the ancient civilizations to the present day, it remains a powerful form of expression, capturing the essence of human creativity and imagination.

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“This is my second time purchasing art work at ArtMatch and like the first time, it was conducted in a very professional manner, very fast delivery and most importantly, the pieces look exactly like how they are presented and described online. It is nice to support very talented local artists.”

– Shalina O., Calgary Client