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ArtMatch has been operating since 2015 and has helped connect hundreds of clients with artworks by local artists. We showcase a variety of artwork types, including limited edition art prints. With our Canadian roots in mind, we are passionate about connecting clients with artists who are inspired by the same sights and surroundings, and strengthening our arts community in the process.

The Print Collection

Our representation has developed over many years and is comprised of around 50 Canadian artists. To start, we exclusively focused on original works, but recently we have expanded our artist representation to include photographers and printmakers, and added several collections of limited edition prints. We plan to continue growing our collection of art prints for sale!

We are thoughtful in our selection of artists, striving to capture a broad range of styles and experience levels while not showcasing so much artwork that collectors are overwhelmed.

Art Prints for Sale

All of the artworks shown below are limited edition prints. Select any artwork to learn more, or to reserve / purchase the piece.
If you are local to the artist, shipping is complementary and the artist is usually able to deliver the art print in person and tell you about their inspiration. Our mission is to build local connections!

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Art Prints FAQ

What is the significance of “limited edition” prints?
This means that the artist has pre-printed a set quantity of reproductions, and once this quantity is sold, they will no longer be reproduced or offered for sale. Since art prints can, in theory, be reproduced and sold endlessly, a limited supply ensures that the value of the art print will hold, and ensures that collector’s item remains unique, despite being a reproduction. ArtMatch exclusively offers limited edition art prints for sale, and the quantity of editions should be specified on the artwork page for any print selected above.

Are the prints framed?
While we showcase the art prints for sale with frames, they are typically for reference and not included with the artwork. The framing status of each art print is specified on the artwork page. If purchasing with a frame is of interest, we frequently deliver artworks to local framers for framing + delivery, and can also help clients select frames.

Since these are prints, can’t I order any size?
Not necessarily, as many of the prints have been pre-printed to a size specified by the artist. Also, depending how an artwork is captured, there may be limitations on the sizes that can be produced. The sizes available for purchase are shown on the product page. In some cases, more than one size is available. If you’d like an art print at a custom size other than those listed, it never hurts to ask! Submit an inquiry with us via the contact form below and let us know which piece(s) you’re interested in.

Can I request an original piece to be created as a reproduction?
This is often not accommodated by artists, to maintain the integrity and originality of the artwork. However, it never hurts to ask! You can do so by submitting an inquiry with us via the contact form below.

A Brief History of Printmaking in Visual Art

The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt employed early forms of printmaking, using techniques such as woodblock printing and stamping. The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century revolutionized the field, allowing for mass production of books and the emergence of printmaking as an art form.

During the Renaissance, artists like Albrecht Dürer and Andrea Mantegna embraced printmaking, creating intricate engravings and woodcuts to showcase their skill and vision. Printmaking became a means to distribute their works widely and establish their reputation.

In later centuries, new techniques emerged. Etching, popularized by Rembrandt and Goya, allowed for greater expression and spontaneity. Lithography, developed by Alois Senefelder, offered flexibility in drawing directly on the printing surface.

In the 20th century, artists such as Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol experimented with techniques like linocut and screenprinting. Art prints became integral to modern and contemporary art, engaging with mass production, popular culture, and political commentary.

Today, prints continue to thrive as artists combine traditional techniques with digital tools. Their historical legacy, versatility, and unique qualities make art prints an enduring part of visual art.

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Operating since 2015, we have filled hundreds of empty walls in Calgary spaces with beautiful pieces of art, both residential and commercial. We offer flexible art consultation services and a diverse collection, working with emerging and experienced artists across a range of genres.


“This is my second time purchasing art work at ArtMatch and like the first time, it was conducted in a very professional manner, very fast delivery and most importantly, the pieces look exactly like how they are presented and described online. It is nice to support very talented local artists.”

– Shalina O., Calgary Client