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Ryan Oulton

Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Artist Statement

Ryan Oulton’s inspiration is derived from many facets, though evident from his collection, the root of everything is nature. He spends a lot of his non-painting hours outdoors: kayaking, fishing, and watching sunsets. He works with bold and bright hues – those which are rarely encountered in nature – to play with and tap into the viewer’s emotions, and underscores these brighter tones with neutrals, guiding the viewer back to earth. Emotional expression, and a touch of the surreal, is what differentiates Oulton’s work from traditional landscapes. His approach introduces a narrative to the scene, allows viewers to connect on a level beyond familiarity, on a more visceral and emotional level, while leaving the root emotion open to interpretation.

Currently Ryan Oulton works entirely in watercolour, a medium which allows him to access a depth in his work which he has not found with other mediums. Blending, layer and tight lining is how Ryan brings his vision to reality. He occasionally uses references for colour, but most of his compositions are from the imagination.

With life flipping and zipping around, Ryan seeks to capture moments in permanence. A single frame from a hectic world. Fine art is a source of relief. He believes, in a world growing increasingly impatient, it is more important than ever.

Artist Bio

Ryan Oulton is a watercolour artist from Fort Saskatchewan. He has lived in Alberta for his entire life. His art education started with theatre production, where he designed and painted mise-en-scène for productions. Next, Ryan attended drop-in art courses and developed his tastes and techniques. Presently, as a full-time artist, Ryan is exploring and developing his personal style through a dedicated practice.

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