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Dania Al-Obaidi

Mississauga, ON

Artist Statement

Dania Al-Obaidi’s abstract works are inspired by her environment and her private inner world. She began using encaustics out of a deep interest in their ancient history, and was challenged by their process of heating and cooling, which captures a dynamic of turmoil. Wax hardens rapidly upon removing the heat source, and if one tries to fight this essential characteristic, one is conquered. In encaustic painting one needs to trust their process, go with the flow, and let the wax find its place. In this sense there is a balance of discipline and spontaneity, a balance which Dania treads in her life just as much as her artistic process.

The medium reflects how Dania Al-Obaidi’s mind processes and stores the environment around her. Encaustic is a layering process. Layering the surface of the painting with beeswax preserves vivid pigments and adds brilliance for thousands of years, just like how Dania’s mind preserves and enhances her memories, as colourful and fresh as the day they were formed – but with added imagination, perspective, and abstraction as the years go by.

Artist Bio

Dania Al-Obaidi is an artist living and teaching in Toronto, Ontario. Her work is heavily influenced by the richness and beauty of both old and new world flare. Dania studied Fine Arts at Baghdad University and has continued training in Canada, participating in exhibitions across North America and internationally.

Since childhood, Dania Al-Obaidi has viewed everyday objects and scenes as works of art. She always felt an urge to attach her emotions to whatever she could get her hands on. Through her distinctive lens, colours appear more vivid, and the world more bright.

In her abstract explorations, Dania uses encaustic wax as the choice of expression. The medium attracts her due to its use throughout ancient times. There is a layer of history for every layer of wax. She manipulates mixed media on canvas, wood, and handmade paper from time to time.

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