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Claudette Losier

Hamilton, ON

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario, Claudette Losier received her Honours BA in Fine Arts in 1989 from Brock University. Since 2005, Claudette has been pursuing her art career full time, which also includes teaching.
Claudette’s work has been acquired by public institutions and corporate and private collections internationally. Some highlights include an acquirement of her transfer oil painting CinderPoppy by the City of Toronto, The selection of her painting titled Chasing in the Palermo Biennale in Italy, and inclusion in an exhibition titled Artificial Intelligence at the Marzia Frozen Gallery in Berlin. A major focus of her current work is a series titled Sense of Place, from which the works below are showcased.

Artist Statement

Claudette’s paintings are rooted in the physical world but are altered through the process of layering until forms emerge from the boundary where light meets the dark, indicative of an underlying energy. These paintings border on abstraction of form, creating a dreamscape quality that could change at any given moment.
Claudette paints city scenes as if they are being seen through a microscope, beneath which buildings, lights, and moving cars are more alive than their inert material suggests. The scenes represent a reality where there are no physical boundary lines, where matter is in a state of continuous connection between the living and the non-living, where inorganic matter is not inert but living under the action of multitudinous forces.
Claudette paints the urban world like a garden full of delicious colours, shapes, and energy to create a dialogue with the Sense of Place. She not only paints with brushes, but also energy – meaning she puts the intention of a certain energy frequency in a physical object (the painting) so that viewers and collectors may receive an energy effect and benefit. As an energy worker, Claudette’s art and life is all about energy frequency.

Paintings by Claudette Losier

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