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Ashley Thimot

Edmonton, AB

Artist Statement

Ashley Thimot paints everyday scenes of urban neighbourhoods around where she lives. Through thoughtful compositions and attention to detail, she aims to capture the beauty of the familiar. She believes that once you consciously decide to seek beauty around you, it becomes the primary lens through which you experience your surroundings. Ashley hopes that through her paintings, viewers are inspired to find beauty in environments they might otherwise take for granted.

Artist Bio

Ashley Thimot is a Canadian artist living in Edmonton, Alberta. Born in Bridgewater, NS, she studied fine arts at Mount Allison University in 2003. After a year of study, she chose an undergraduate degree in design, which she received from NSCAD University in 2007. Upon graduation, Ashley moved across the country to Western Canada, where she worked in the design field until the spring of 2021. It was then that she decided to follow her dream of being an artist.

In Spring 2024, Ashley exhibited her work at the Artist Project, a large art exhibition taking place at the Better Living Centre in Toronto, showcasing some of Canada’s top artistic talent. In October 2024, her illustration debut will be marked by her first picture book, “Snow Day”, written by her best friend and published through Nimbus Publishing.

When not creating, Ashley loves cooking and spending time with her two daughters, Rose and Daphne, her husband Rob, and her two dogs and cat.

Artworks by Ashley Thimot

painting on white background
Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day
by Ashley Thimot
24 x 48 in


painting on white background
And Then My World Went Still
by Ashley Thimot
36 x 36 in


painting on white background
Brisk Autumn Morning
by Ashley Thimot
26 x 26 in


painting on white background
Good Morning, Moon
by Ashley Thimot
30 x 30 in


painting on white background
In the Light of Streetlights
by Ashley Thimot
21 x 21 in


painting on white background
Winter Haze
by Ashley Thimot
30 x 15 in